Coach’s Corner February 19th


Whether you’re new to CrossFit or have had years of experience, focusing on the basics every single day is crucial to your ability to move closer to your fitness goals and avoid injury.

The basics include developing sufficient shoulder, hip and ankle mobility to allow you to use proper form in all CrossFit movements. Increasing your mobility takes time, patience, and persistence. You need to be doing mobility work every day, especially after an intense workout. Don’t skip the cool-down/active stretch after the WOD. Use a roller pad, lacrosse ball, bands, pvc pipe, etc., to increase your range of motion every day. Every. Single. Day.


start with the basics



Performing your workouts at high intensity is key to maximizing your results. You should be lifting heavy. However, I want to emphasize as clearly as possible that “heavy” is entirely relative to YOUR particular level of your ability. RX’ing a WOD is unimportant and counterproductive if you’re not doing it with proper form. For example, if you’re deadlifting an RX weight but you have to round your back to do it, that’s not progress. That’s just setting yourself up for inevitable injury. You’ll eventually be at the RX level on a regular basis if you are patient and persistent. Remember: focus on technique and consistency first.

Keep up the good work. You’re making progress.



it doesnt get easier, you get stronger