CrossFit Lehi – CrossFit Class

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(No Measure)

Row 300 m

Crossover Symmetry Activation

15 Ring Rows

10 Good Mornings

2 x 15m Duck walks

10 Burpees


Sumo Deadlift High Pull (7 mins to 1RM w/ barbell)

Focus on proper mechanics: Sumo stance; brace; squat to bar; deadlift bar with fluid motion pull to collar bone with elbows high & outside.


Metcon (Time)

10 Slam balls (25/15)

20 Power Cleans m:65/95/135 w:45/65/95

30 Barbell Hops (over and back = 1)

40 Double unders (singles 3:1)

50 Wall balls (20/14)

40 Double unders

30 Barbell hops

20 Power cleans

10 Slam balls

Post WOD

Coach-led cool down and roll out