Jerk & Twerk

CrossFit Lehi – Olympic Lifting

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Warm Up

Warm-up (No Measure)

12min EMOM

Ascending weight Cluster Triples, beginning with empty bar and adding 5-10# each set.

– Then –

Using PVC or an empty bar, find your “snappy” Jerk, focusing specifically on quick feet



From the rig and beginning with an empty bar, perform 3 Jerks and adding 10-20# every 90 seconds until form begins to suffer, take 80% of max weight achieved,

– Then –



Using 80% from above, perform 3 “Squat and a Quarter” + 1 Jerk EMOM until just prior to failure (If you know the next set isn’t going to happen, you are done).


Couch stretch x 2min each side,

Partner shoulder smash w/ heel x 2min each side,

3×5 Dangled Lat pulls (Empty bar while on GHD)