Let’s Move Better 5/21


Happy Birthday Amy Orton!

CrossFit Lehi – CrossFit Class

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(No Measure)

400 m row

10 burpees

15 sit ups

20 air squats

15 wall angels

10 each arm shoulder wall stretches

15 pass throughs

10 windmills 5 each direction


4 x 8 Perfect Push Ups

Place hands directly under shoulders fingers point forward, brace (butt, gut,), rotate shoulders into neutral position, lean body forward 2”, proceed to touch to the floor using your shoulders and elbows as the hinges.


Metcon (4 Rounds for weight)

20 Minute EMOM “Lets Move Better”

Keep a fully braced spine and work on breathing through your stomach

RX (m:65/95/135 w:45/65/95) Recovery: PVC pipe or technique-weight bar)

Odd minutes

3 power cleans

6 push press (start from last clean)

Even Minutes

4 power Snatches

4 OHS (Descend into an OHS after each snatch)

Post WOD

Coach-led cool down and roll out