Phil’s Wod

CrossFit Lehi – CrossFit Class

Steve Mouton and his brother Phil were dirt biking in Moab a few weeks ago, where Phill was critically injured from a fall over a 125 Ft Cliff. Steve, who is a member of the local Search and Rescue team, was able to help save Phil’s life and get him life-flighted to a hospital. Phil is recovering in and amazing way, but is going to have a long rehab. Lets remember Steve and his brother Phil during this Wod and be grateful for the opportunity we have to help support Phil and participate in this Wod to remember him in. You can help donate to his medical fund online or at the box.

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– 325m Row or 200m Run

– Foam Roll Sore Muscles or work on Skill

– Coach led warm-up


Phil’s WOD (Time)

Phil’s WOD

6 Ladders for time:

– 1st ladder – 10 yard sprint (There and back), + 40 pull-ups + 40 squat jumps ( Hands must touch the ground, feet must leave the ground with hands above head)

– 2nd Ladder – 20 yard Sandbag carry 80/60 ( There and Back) + 30 Pull-ups + 30 squat Jumps

– 3rd Ladder – 30 yard sprint (You Get It…), + 20 Pull-Ups + 20 Squat Jumps

– 4th Ladder – 40 yard Farmers Carry 53/35, + 10 Pull-Ups + 10 Squat Jumps

– 5th Ladder – 50 yard Sprint, + 10 Kb (use farmers carry weight) Swings, + 10 Squat Cleans with Sandbag

– 6th Ladder – 60 yard Sprint with Sandbag and KB

RX+ Use weighted vest

– Extra Cash out, Tire Flip 50 Yards with Partner

Post WOD

– Coach led Stretch + Foam Roll