Row Your Partner’s Boat – 2/20

CrossFit Lehi – CrossFit Class

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(No Measure)

200m Row

25 Jumping jacks

400m Run Outside (YAY!)

50 Double-unders or 150 singles

20 Spealler stretches



1: Metcon (Time)

3K Partner Row

Partners alternate rowing with the following:

200m medball run (14/10#)

25 Wallballs (14/10#)

1 minute low plank hold

25 Leg raises

1 minute handstand hold

* Partner 1 will row while partner 2 completes a 200m run holding a medball. Partners then switch. Then partner 1 rows again while partner 2 does 25 wallballs. Cycle through the list for as many rounds as necessary to complete a total of 3K meters on the rower.

Post WOD

Foam roller for 5 minutes

Lacrosse ball mobility work for 5 minutes