R&R or Wod


Special Clinic on Sat 5/2: “Building an Injury-resistant body” $25 in advance or at the door.
Remember our BBQ Saturday @ 11:30am

CrossFit Lehi – CrossFit Class

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– 350 Row or 200m Jog

– Foam Roll or Skill work for 8 min


Deadlift (5×5 @ 90% 1RM)

Hit 5 sets best as possible at your 90%.

Focus on driving through the Heels and leading with your shoulders.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

If you have attended 3 WODS this week proceed with Recovery work. If not Proceed with Rx Wod.

With a 20 min Running clock continuously work with a 1:1 Pace/Breathing of

1 min – Front squat

1 min – Front rack push press

2 min – Back Squat

2 min – Behind Neck Push Press

3 min – Single Jump Rope

3 min – Pull-ups

4 min – Push-ups

4 min – Sit-ups

The Recovery group is taking a single deep breath before executing their movement. Ex 1 deep breath one front squat, another Deep breath and another front squat. This develops the body to properly use Oxygen and develop a work capacity that isn’t depleting but still raises BPS in order to recover your muscles while creating muscle memory. Score your workout but do not push past a consistent pace

Rx Wod is Same movements but a total score in reps. Log your performance as RX+

Post WOD

– Coach lead stretch