Clean It, Jerk It, Carry It – 10/20

CrossFit Lehi – CrossFit Class

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Warm-up “A” (No Measure)

3 Rounds NFT (not for time) of:

• 16 Russian KB Swings

• 5-8 Strict Pull-ups with a :02 hold at the top (One-one thousand, two-one thousand)

• 10 Jumping Lunges


Technique drills on Clean, Split Jerk.

3×10 C&J, working up to moderate weight.


Metcon (Weight)

Clean it, Jerk it, Carry it

(h/t Trevor Ashdown -based on his 2015 Hyperion Games)

12 minute AMRAP of:

C&J @ your choice of weight, then

Run 200M

You and your partner will set up a barbell. Where possible, teams are 1 male + 1 female. As the clock counts down to begin the workout, partner 1 will do one clean & jerk at their choice of weight. Once the lift has been successfully completed, partner 1 will then run to the 100M mark, then return to the gym. Once partner 1 returns to the gym, partner 2 does one clean and jerk @ their choice of weight. Once partner 2 successfully completes the lift, he or she will run to the 100M mark and then return. This pattern will continue in relay style until the clock expires.

SCORE = total weight moved by team.

Bonus Points Option: At the 100m mark, a limited supply of med balls and slam balls will be on the ground. Each runner has the option to pick up ONE ball and carry it back. The team then adds that ball’s weight to their score.

Post WOD

– Cool down & stretch