Team WOD – Deck of Cards – 5/28

CrossFit Lehi – CrossFit Class

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Warm Up

(No Measure)

Run 3 laps around gym floor perimeter (1 of them backwards)

1 minute Spealler stretches


3 Rounds

15 Grasshoppers

15 Push ups

15 Hanging knee raises


Metcon (Time)

Deck of Cards

For time: Each team completes each card in a deck.

Hearts = Med ball squat cleans

Clubs = Sit-ups

Spades = Grasshoppers (L+R=1)

Diamonds = Push ups

Face cards = 10 reps

Aces = 12 reps

Joker: 10 Burpees (give to the other team to do)

Post WOD

Coach-led stretch