What is CrossFit?

Y ou may have asked “What is CrossFit? Is it for Me? It looks hard – can I do it?” CrossFit is designed for anyone wanting to be fit including those seeking elite fitness or those who just want to improve their quality of life. In a CrossFit class, you’re guided by experienced trainers in one-on-one or group sessions. The goal is to be fit for whatever life throws at you. Competitive athletes can use CrossFit to train for sport, while accountants, office managers, programmers or other office workers can use CrossFit to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk for hours each day. There's a Methodology to the CrossFit Madness The demands on our bodies vary more by degree than by type. This means we all need the ability to do same movements safely and effectively. So everyone in a CrossFit class shares the same experience by doing the same workout movements. We just load those movements differently depending on individual circumstances and goals. Your body is an incredible machine designed for movement.

F itness is defined as “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. That means being fit is the ability to move heavy loads long distances, quickly. In other words, getting more stuff done in less time, regardless of the task. This holds true at any age, and for any activity including running a mile, doing pull ups, or shoveling the driveway. We see fitness as the ability to face the unknown and unknowable with confidence.

C rossFit combines the best of several disciplines. Gymnastics for body control, balance, flexibility, and agility. Olympic lifting for strength and power. Metabolic conditioning/cardio for endurance and stamina, and so on. This mixture of disciplines gives you an increased ability to do physical work, whether it’s preparing for a competitive event or moving a piece of furniture, picking up a child, or changing a tire.

T raining with our CrossFit coaches will expose weaknesses that could otherwise prove costly at some point in life. We’ll discover weak links in your kinetic chain so we can help you turn them into strengths. Going through this discovery & improvement process in the controlled, safe environment of our CrossFit gym is vastly superior to waiting until life throws you an unexpected physical challenge, only to reveal that you have poor balance or a weak back.

Y You don’t need to prepare for CrossFit. CrossFit prepares you for everything else. CrossFit workouts are constantly varied. Every movement can be scaled up or down to meet you right where you are. CrossFit is for everyone. (Tattoo not required.)We change exercises, reps, weights, distances, and any other variable in order to keep our “adaptation response” high, which is another way of saying that we design the program to produce optimal results in your body. We practice something called relative intensity. That means that even though you’re working out with friends in a group class, you’re really competing with yourself. Your best today will be different from your best tomorrow. Today’s killer workout is tomorrow’s warm-up. Consistent, measured effort will produce results that will amaze you and others, and the reward will be the freedom and ability to live your life longer and more fully, with reduced chance of injury. CrossFit is best understood through experience, so get started today at CrossFit Lehi (no tattoo required.)

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