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CrossFit Lehi definedCrossFit Lehi is a supportive, inclusive, and fun place, and we’re dedicated to helping our members forge a high level of personal fitness from core to extremity, from the inside out. Our logo, the greek letter Phi, “Φ”, is used to represent the golden ratio in mathematics, art, and architecture. In physics, it’s used as a work function and as a ratio of free energy. In philosophy, it’s used as shorthand for a generic act. So it’s a perfect representation of our CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movement, and of the outcomes our athletes achieve: strength, proportionality, stamina, mobility, and balance.

Our training methodology emphasizes mastery of movements in the following order: good mechanics, followed by consistency, then increased intensity. In contrast to the latest gimmicky “get fit quick” schemes, diets, pills, and procedures that promise amazing results without effort, our programs are individually adapted to challenge everyone, from the overweight and out-of-shape to the most competitive athlete. Along with everyone else, you’ll get tired and sore. But you’ll see results, make friends, and have fun. Before you know it, a healthy addiction will set in and keep you coming back for more.

You’ll supply the effort and determination. We’ll supply the other tools for success, like a personalized training and nutrition plan to get you the results you’re after. If you’re ready to commit to the process, we’ll help you forge a truly life-changing, long-term lifestyle of fitness and healthy living that will prepare you to live life to the fullest.

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